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My name is Jennifer, and I tell stories.  

Two weeks before my 5th grade talent show, I signed up to do a solo tap dance to Lion King's "I Just Can't Wait to be King." As a DIYer,

I constructed my own Simba costume using my mom's pantyhose as a tail. Pretty sure I resembled a black cat on Halloween, but it didn't matter, I was ready! I shuffled my way onto stage, swinging my nylon tail like a boss. I haven't changed much since. 

Using instinct and experience, I've spent the majority of my career bringing creative vision and strategy to life through advertising and marketing. As a storyteller, I didn't want to feel limited to one craft. So I've worked hard to become multi-disciplined as a producer, editor, director and Netflix watcher. I'm forever grateful that my path has allowed me to collaborate and lead talented teams while creating lasting friendships along the way.

Oh and one more thing, I get sh*t done on budget and on time. 

*Professionalism and stats can be found on my resume or LinkedIn

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